Need Some Cuteness? This Dog Has the Right Stuff


July 23, 2012 in featured

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Boo the Dog’s Journey to the Cutest Dog in the World

His human put boo on Facebook on May 11th, 2009, knowing he would definitely get a few fans. How could he not with all the outfits he wears and having the cutest haircut ever seen on a dog.

Boo the dog quickly overtook many of the others as being the most popular dog on Facebook.  But who knew his adorableness would get him to over 1.3 million fans and counting; easily adding over a few thousand new ones every day.

We still have yet to find out who the lucky owner of boo the dog is.  So far all we know is what her legs look like from one of the photos with Boo. Thanks to her always having her camera nearby we will never run short of adorable pictures of Boo the dog.